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Our Tours

Historical Tour

Fascinated by history - This is the tour for you

St Helena is steeped in history, from its discovery to the present day, and it is impossible to include all historic points of interest in a single tour. A typical day tour, includes visits to the to the Grounds of Plantation House and meeting Johnathon that Tortoise. St Pauls Cathedral and the Boer Cemetery. Stopover at Halley’s Mount, the Millennium Forest and Princes Lodge. Be shown the pastures once occupied by Boer Prisoners of War on Deadwood Plain and conclude with stunning views from High Knoll Fort.


Conservation Tours

Experience the Islands natural habitat.

Immerse your self in the Islands natural habitat. There are excursions through some of the Islands National Parks. Explore the eastern and western regions where endemics and birds are in abundance and visit some of the most beautiful places you will see on St Helena. we can also include a wirebird Tour where you can spend a morning with the endemic Wirebird. Learn about this critically endangered species whilst given the opportunity to photograph it in its natural habitat.