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Saint FM

Live Streaming from London to St Helena

How technology has moved St Helena into the 21st century! St Helena’s participation in the World Travel Market London (WTM) has proved that with the right motivation, support and expertise, anything is possible.

Whilst many would have been delighted to follow the efforts of team St Helena at WTM on Tuesday, which is confirmed by the fact there were over 100 listeners listening in online and over 500 later caught up with the podcast that was later published online.

Island Images was able to see first-hand, how professional and how seamless a first international broadcast was made by Saint FM.

Again, the idea of streaming live to St Helena would appear, on the surface to be expensive, complex and needing professional input… professional yes…. But all other elements of this broadcast was down to dedication, ingenuity and a fair amount of guile to make the seemingly impossible….possible.

Saint FM

Saint FM live from London

A small mixing panel, a few microphones and the expertise of Johnny Clingham, made sure that the listeners of Saint FM were able to follow some of what the Roadshow delegation were experiencing in London.

This international transmission was extremely successful, leaving listeners asking for repeats and downloading online podcasts. Professional sound engineers who were working on other projects, commented on the quality and versatility of the setup and visitors complimented the smooth handovers and presentations.

All of this was done mind you, in cramped conditions, in the corner of the St Helena Stall, with numerous distractions, no feedback facilities and nothing but sheer speculation and imagination for handover transitions.

Radio is a part of any community, it should be promoted and Island Images is proud that we have had the opportunity to work with a group of talented individuals to ensure that St Helena, St Helenians and followers all over the world were kept informed.

On behalf of the St Helena Roadshow Delegation – Thank you to Saint FM, Johnny Clingham and Vince Thompson

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