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Jim George

Living the Dream in St Helena.

Living the Dream – A one week visit to St Helena was the dream holiday recently for James and Carol George. James, originally from Bristol in the UK has settled in Capetown for more than 20 years and has been following the developments of St Helena and its airport for the past 3 years and 2 years ago started what is probably St Helena’s most popular and most followed social media page on the web. The page – St Helena News and Travel on Facebook which has more than six and a half thousand followers sometimes takes a controversial stance when the politics of St Helena is discussed, but it is undoubtedly the most popular St Helena page for those living on Island and those abroad keeping them informed of the happenings of St Helena.

James and Carol, leaving their two young children in Capetown, stayed overnight in Johannesburg before arriving to a warm and humid St Helena Airport, laden with gifts for friends who they had only met via messenger on Facebook. Derek from Island Images had been fortunate enough to meet the couple in Capetown 4 months earlier and collected them at the Airport to be delivered to the Mantis Hotel in Jamestown where they spent their first night. St Helena is wonderful, said James after a few days on the Island, when had managed a Braai, and several tours visiting some of the most stunning places the Island has to offer. Not a moment was dull, now a view was bland, said Carol. St Helena is a wonderful destination.  Having been challenged to do a number of different things on Island, James managed his fish fry to include Conger, swam with the Whalesharks and did some hikes, he was careful though, to leave a few activities for a return trip to St Helena sometime in the future. Carol and James are now settling back into life in Capetown with constant posts about their holiday to this wonderful Island. Asked about the highlights of his visit, James said “everything from time I landed to time I left! The Saints, the whale shark tour, the Capital, the countryside, the rich history, the food etc. etc. –  great things await St Helena “  Thanks for spending some time with us James and letting Island Images show you some of the wonders of our Island and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


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