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Napoleonic/Jamestown tours

Napoleonic Tours

Follow the Emperors life on St Helena

 A Significant piece of history! Following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815, Napoleon was transported to the Island of St Helena, arriving on the 15th October 1815. Napoleon eventually died on the Island. Wil us you will retrace his footsteps from Jamestown to the Pavilion at the Briars, his home on Longwood and the site of his Tomb and favourite walking place in Geranium Valley. A fantastic day will conclude with a visit to the most remote distillery in the world where the owners are busy preparing a special Brandy to commemorate Napoleon’s death in 1821.

Jamestown Tour

Enjoy the capital

Jamestown the Capital is intriguing, hundreds of years of history are to be explored. It’s the home to many interesting buildings, structures and monuments. Starting from the Wharf in Jamestown you will pass through the “Arch” and into the Grand Parade. Almost every building along this route is listed because of its historical importance. Test the magnificent Jacobs Ladder or relax in the tranquil Castle Gardens or just meet the wonderful people who work and live there.