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Nick McAvaney writes about St Helena!

Our “Cooking With Saints” programme, made the UK press yesterday, with an article by travel writer Nick Avaney, who wrote of his recent visit to the Island in the Western Daily Press.
Nick-McAvaneyNick who visited the Island a few months ago working with the Press Association, had the unique opportunity to learn the art of fishcake making which he enjoyed so much that he made an extra large batch – Just for Fun.
During his afternoon/evening with us, he was able to have a hands on experience and being a dab hand at cooking himself enjoyed the experience to a T. In his article which can be found on this website  he writes about his visit to the Island, his experiences and how he sees the Island developing as the airport opens.
About his visit to our establishment, he writes:

Nick-and-Linda“For my last dinner on the island, I’m invited to Derek and Linda Richard’s house, where they teach me how to make the local delicacy, tuna fish cakes.

Over dinner we discuss new restaurants ideas, St Helena’s natural beauty, football, and the local coffee, which is renowned as one of the purest strains in the world. But three bad seasons have seen stocks dwindle to barely a cup, meaning I’ve struggled to find any to take home as a souvenir.

Derek disappears into his kitchen and returns with a packet, offering it to me without hesitation. I’m momentarily stumped by his generosity, knowing 100g of the delicacy would set me back £60 in London. Then I realise there’s only one thing I can really say.

“Thank you very much,” I begin as we shake hands. “You’re a saint.”

It was a great pleasure having Nick with us and his feedback tells us how much he enjoyed his visit.



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