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Our Tours

Historical Tour

Fascinated by history - This is the tour for you

St Helena is steeped in history, from its discovery to the present day, and it is impossible to include all historic points of interest in a single tour. Our day tour, includes such visits as to the grounds of Plantation House, meeting Jonathon the Tortoise, possible the oldest tortoise in the world, St Pauls Cathedral, the Boer Cemetery, Halley’s Mount, the Millennium Forest, Princes Lodge, Deadwood Plain – pastures once occupied by prisoners of war during the Boer Wars, High Knoll Fort and Jacobs Ladder to name a few.“ We feel that this tour is ideal for a one day stopover. If you are looking for something special in a Historic Tour, something which is of personal interest to you, just let us know”


Napoleonic Tours

Follow the Emperors life on St Helena

Following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815, Napoleon was transported to the island of St Helena, arriving on 15 October 1815. Napoleon eventually died on the Island. Our tours will retrace his footsteps, from Jamestown to the Pavilion at the Briars, his home on Longwood and the site of his Tomb and favourite walking place in Geranium Valley. We conclude the tour with a visit to the most remote distillery in the world, where the owners are busy preparing a special Brandy to commemorate Napoleons death in 1821.

Conservation Tours

Experience the Islands natural habitat.

Let us take you on a tour of the Islands natural habitat.

There are excursions through some of the Islands amazing National Parks,

We also explore the eastern and western regions, here is where we see endemics and birds and visit some of the most beautiful places you will see on St Helena.

These are individual tours, although where possible we will combine elements of each tour at your request.

Please see our Personalised and Walking tours.

Jamestown Tours

Enjoy the capital

Jamestown is home to the oldest church in the southern hemisphere (St James). Join a historic tour of Jamestown visiting this iconic building and learning all about, Wellington House, The Castle, Jacobs Ladder and many other historic buildings in the Islands capital. These are the iconic points of interest, but we can also take time out to visit the Island archives, the Jamestown Museum and the seat of the government – The Castle. We will also take in tea and coffee in one of the local eateries.