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armistice flag

St Helena Tourism Roadshow at annual Armistice Service

As members of the St Helena Tourism Roadshow participated in the Armistice Service at the Cenotaph in Jamestown St Helena, less than 24 hours after returning to the Island, time is taken to reflect on a part of the exciting 7 day trip which took the team to Paris, France.

armistice flag

Armistice flag

Governor Lisa

Governor Lisa Phillips arriving at the Cenotaph

The Roadshow arrived in Paris via the Eurostar on Wednesday morning and meetings started immediately before attending a reception at the British Embassy that evening as guests of Baron Edward Llewellyn the British Ambassador to France. Whilst significant discussions took place at the reception, it is hard not to connect today’s service in St Helena with an Armistice Flag which hung prominently in the halls of the British Embassy last Wednesday evening.

On the return of the team’s arrival to St Helena, it marked 99 years following it being stolen by a group of medical students after it had hung outside of the Embassy during the years of the Great War.

Although missing  for 76 years, it was returned to the Embassy in 1994 where it was paraded one last time at the Armistice Service in 1994 and has since been repaired and hung in the main hall of the British Embassy in memory of the war effort by both Britain and France and of those in the service of both countries

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