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The Sandwich Bar extends to new premises!!

Derek and Linda

Derek and Linda

Exciting times for Derek and Linda today, as they signed their lease for a Unit in the newly refurbished Jamestown Market. The Sandwich Bar, under the trade name “Island Images”, has been in operation for three years and in recent months thought has been given to expanding the Sandwich Bar operation, but there were difficulties in finding


Linda Richards and Michelle Yon – All-Signed-and-Ready

a suitable premises. The refurbishment of the Market in Jamestown came at an ideal time and they were successful in securing one of the units, which lends itself ideally to a food operation. Already Colin Benjamin of Rupert’s has been contracted to fabricate all the furniture for the new unit which will take on a similar design to the Sandwich Bar in Association Hall. Because all is being done to a very tight timeline, with the opening of the unit expected to take place on the 22nd of July, Colin will be working hard to meet this deadline. The initial intentions of the Sandwich Bar – Market Branch, will be to sell a variety of food with a local flair/palate, this will include local delicacies which not only will enthuse locals, but more importantly visitors to the Island. The menu will be threefold – a breakfast opportunity, giving an option to also choose a healthier version where a continental breakfast of cereals and yogurts and fresh fruit (when available) will be served amidst various pastries, served with freshly brewed coffee or fruit juices.


Derek signing final documents

Mid-morning and lunch will consist of prepared sandwiches, bread baguettes and buns with various fillings and always with an option of fresh salad products and daily special warm lunch. Various salads will also form a part of the menu, with fruit salads, pastas, and green or made to order salads. Other menu items will consist of home baked cakes and other goodies and a selection of Panini’s, toasties and sushi 

Colin Benjamin-The-Contractor

Colin Benjamin-The-Contractor

on allocated days. The third option will be a St Helenian option, where the great “St Helena Fishcake” will be available every day, and then each day will lend itself to a different “Saint” option. Soups will be available daily. The “Market” business will be run in addition to the Sandwich Bar in lower Jamestown. Our market research tells us that our food and food products are very popular and many would like to buy our wares, we are in the lower part of the town and they take up the option of one of the “nearer” outlets, rather than the one they prefer. In time, thought will be given to having much of our sandwiches and salads, packaged to go. For fast service and those seeking a “bite on the run” will be able to choose from freshly prepared sandwiches, packed in the correct packaging, or salads or sushi, which will all be on chilled display and pay and take it away with them. Opening hours will coincide the with the original Sandwich Bar hours, but Saturday openings will move to the new Unit. Linda and Derek, whilst supporting their current clientele, will focus also on new customers, primarily those who are now shopping outside of the Sandwich Bar on a daily basis and within the vicinity. However, they will also target visitors to the island and are certain that they will be able to attract them with local delicacies, opening hours and good quality products.

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