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Leaving St Helena this past weekend was Robrecht Willaert and Gerrit Op de Beeck from Travel Magazine in Belgium. The pair, working on a 16 page article about St Helena had spent a week with island Images, discovering the Island, interviewing locals and officials and enjoying what St Helena has to offer.

The article about St Helena will be covered in a special French and Dutch Magbook about future destinations, which has a circulation of about 7000 print copies and an online platform.

Travel Magazine and  what we do, said Robrecht, the Editor in Chief, is not a consumer magazine, it cannot be bought off the shelves, this is a technical publication which feeds into all tour operators in Europe and around the world and is used by them to then promote the destinations to their clients.

Gerrit, the Travel Journalist and Photographer said St Helena is a unique destination. He has been in this field for more than 25 years and travels all over the world, accounting for almost half of the year in world miles.

Such is the life of these gentlemen, they arrived in Antwerp on Tuesday morning and left Tuesday evening for another destination.

One thing is certain, we will see them again sometime soon!

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